Happy, haunting anniversary for Edin Road!

I had to go back to the archives, to find out what the actual first date was. When I actually first broadcast. I found it.

It was October 25, 2010 that I first took to the air with Edin Road Radio.That very first story was one by Lorrieann Russell–Road Trip was the title. I was late logging on, I had problems with my computer and couldn’t get the bloody story to pull up. I was nervous and ran too long, needing to finish the story the next night, which bumped back the second story I was going to read and even that had to be split into two nights. The third story never got read at all. I swore that I was a failure and this was a mistake.

But it was magic and I was wrong about it being a mistake. The second night was great! Every successive night went even better. Not to say we’ve not had our issues on occasion but I’ve dealt with them better. Hey, live radio, you know? That’s what makes it fun.

Next Tuesday marks the first full anniversary for Edin Road Radio–10/25/2011. One whole year. With all of the people listening in, catching the podcast. With all of the authors who’ve come to read from their books and spend a few minutes to chat with me. It’s been an amazing year. And things can only get better. I can’t wait for another year, more books and authors, and we’ll see who else wants to take that walk on the Road with me.

Thank you, to all of you. Thank you for this best time I could possibly have. Thank you for marching into our second year with me. Thank you for everything!

Tonight’s guest is Erin O’ Riordan, coming back for some sexy-scary reading. I know you won’t want to miss it. I’ll see you there!


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